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The vote was 1, for to against, a margin that widened even further by the time the bishops finally signed the decree. Creusen "The power of the Roman Pontiff ceases by death, free resignation which is valid without need for any acceptance, c.

Definition of the faith at Nicaea [6th session 22 July ] The synod of Nicaea produced this creed: If anyone divides in the one Christ the hypostases after the union, joining them only by a conjunction of dignity or authority or power, and not rather by a coming together in a union by nature, let him be anathema.

At the beginning of the new pontificate, while many tried to perceive what the characteristic note would be, the Pope himself revealed it. It has instituted rites and disciplines which are Protestant in nature.

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This means that he took flesh from the holy virgin and made it his own, undergoing a birth like ours from her womb and coming forth a man from a woman. On December 8,on a freezing morning, but with a sunny sky, Paul VI, in the courtyard of Saint Peter's Basilica, after having delivered seven messages, for world leaders, the men of thought and science, the artists, women, workers, the poor the sick and the suffering, young peopleclosed Vatican II 8.

A Council always opens a new epoch, in which the Church takes a step towards the future and advances in its mission.

Whether or not the Roman Pontiff as a private person could fall into manifest heresy. Definition against the impious Messalians or Euchites The most pious and religious bishops Valerian and Amphilochius came together to us and made a joint enquiry about the so called Messalians or Euchites or Enthusiasts, or whatever name this appalling heresy goes under, who dwell in the region of Pamphylia.

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Instead he is to be subjected to the bishops of his own province and the surrounding metropolitans, provided they be orthodox, even to the extent of being completely deposed from the rank of bishop. For he the Word is unalterable and absolutely unchangeable and remains always the same as the scriptures say.

First the same John, bishop of Antioch in Syria, [the names of 33 other eastern bishops follow] These men, despite the fact that they were members of the ecclesiastical community, Second vatican council no licence either to do harm through their priestly dignity or to do good, because some among their number had already been deposed.

The address was delivered to 17 Cardinals in the Basilica of St. In this way the disputed questions should through their means be brought to an appropriate solution. However, the solution generally accepted today is that the bishops signed the canons condemning Origenism before the council formally opened.

If anyone says that as man Jesus was activated by the Word of God and was clothed with the glory of the Only-begotten, as a being separate from him, let him Second vatican council anathema. But how should he become God or Lord of himself. Whoever have been condemned of improper practices by the holy synod or by their own bishops, and have been uncanonically restored to communion and rank by Nestorius or his sympathisers, with their habitual lack of discrimination, such persons we have decreed gain nothing by this and are to remain deposed as before.

We all agreed, as did the most religious bishops Valerian and Amphilochius and all the pious bishops of the provinces of Pamphylia and Lycaonia, that what had been inscribed in the synodical document Second vatican council be confirmed and in no way disobeyed, clearly without prejudice to the acts of Alexandria.

If anyone says that as man Jesus was activated by the Word of God and was clothed with the glory of the Only-begotten, as a being separate from him, let him be anathema.

It is a happy spectacle, on the one hand, where the grace of Christ continues to multiply the fruits and portents of spiritual elevation, of health and sanctity in the whole world.

He said this as being indeed son of David according to the flesh, but his Lord according to his godhead.

It is for this cause that we say that in his economy he blessed marriage and, when invited, went down to Cana in Galilee with his holy apostles.

Please look more closely at their language and you will find out that that divine choir of fathers never said that the consubstantial godhead was capable of suffering, or that the whole being that was coeternal with the Father was recently born, or that it rose again, seeing that it had itself been the cause of resurrection of the destroyed temple.

On 8 December, the Council was formally closed, with the bishops professing their obedience to the Council's decrees. For we must not think that it is the flesh of a man like us for how can the flesh of man be life-giving by its own nature.

For if it is necessary to believe that being God by nature he became flesh, that is man ensouled with a rational soul, whatever reason should anyone have for being ashamed at the expressions uttered by him should they happen to be suitable to him as man. We confess the Word to have been made one with the flesh hypostatically, and we adore one Son and Lord, Jesus Christ.

According to this understanding of the unconfused union, we confess the holy virgin to be the mother of God because God the Word took flesh and became man and from his very conception united to himself the temple he took from her.

II, pars I, T. The doctrine of Vatican II, confirmed by the Code of Canon Law, which states that the subject the possessor of the supreme authority of the Church is the college of bishops together with the pope, is contrary to the defined doctrine of the Council of Florence and of Vatican I.

We ought not, therefore, to split into two sons the one Lord Jesus Christ. Paul, the convert of Damascus, who has welcomed us here near his most sacred memories, resounds with more life on this day: But we adore him as one and the same, because the body is not other than the Word, and takes its seat with him beside the Father, again not as though there were two sons seated together but only one, united with his own flesh.

And this at least probably. A Magisterium, therefore, in which the note of the pastoral ministry shines You should bear in mind that to scandalise even one of these little ones that believe in Christ lays you open to unendurable wrath. Pope Paul IV "Further, if ever it should appear that any bishop even one acting as an archbishop, patriarch or primateor a cardinal of the Roman Church, or a legate as mentioned aboveor even the Roman Pontiff whether prior to his promotion to cardinal, or prior to his election as Roman Pontiffhas beforehand deviated from the Catholic faith or fallen into any heresy, We enact, decree, determine and define: This more permanent structure was intended to preserve close cooperation of the bishops with the Pope after the council.

Second letter of Cyril to Nestorius [Declared by the council of Ephesus to be in agreement with Nicaea] Cyril sends greeting in the Lord to the most religious and reverend fellow-minister Nestorius. Tap here to scroll down to read about our latest postings. The mission of this website is to promote and explain the teaching of the Second Vatican Council () which was the most significant event in the modern era of the Catholic Church.

What's wrong with Vatican II? FAQs. from "Vatican II, the Pope and the Mass" by Rev. Donald J. Sanborn. 1. What is wrong with the Second Vatican Council? Second letter of Cyril to Nestorius [Declared by the council of Ephesus to be in agreement with Nicaea] Cyril sends greeting in the Lord to the most religious and reverend fellow-minister Nestorius.

holy father: roman curia: news services: vatican city state: archive: documents of the second vatican council. constitutions. This site explains and promotes the Second Vatican Council, through the writings of Council Fathers who took part in the Council, and by articles from more recent contributors.

Second vatican council
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